Dango Grow Pty Ltd Wood Factory

We have streamlined production bases in African, Russia, Indonesian factories which were equipped with logging trucks carrying logs out directly from woodlands, and precise sawmills for ensuring timber cutting utilization. Cutting any timber to your required size is available for us.

Situated on a transportation convenient site that's the national highway nearby, our sawmill and woodyard provide the main species of Russian hardwoods from our woodlands in the Far-east region of Russia.

Packaging & Shipping

Each of the wood rounds will be finely branches-removed which ensures confirming the highest environmental standards.

Each of the well-cutted planks will be checked and piled up carefully, bound up with a high-quality packing belt.

Then go through strict QC, and loaded into containers for maritime transport. 

If you need big sized planks or logs, we will carefully move it into the bulk ship as well.

Dango Grow Pty Ltd was established in 2007. We have been doing export trade in wood plate and fresh hardwood for wooden flooring and furniture over the past decade. More than 10 factories were built on our very own woodlands located worldwide in Africa: South Africa, Gabon, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Angola, Mozambique, Benin, as well as Indonesia in Asia and the Far East in Russia.

We have provided jobs and training for more than 1,000 local people and stationed experienced quality control personnels (especially ensures the high usage rate ) in every production line,for providing high-quality hardwoods with persistent volume to our clients. Solid quality woods and large supply volume has made us widely recognized and being an irreplaceable supplier.

You can find many hardwood species in our woodlands like

Some Factories

Gabon Factory

Nigeria Factory

Indonesia Factory

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